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Sales Automation for Service Industry Businesses

A company’s salespeople comprise the front line of any business in the service industry, and their performance is just as crucial as that of the technicians. Unfortunately, sales departments can somtimes experience turnover rates, and training new members of the team consumes valuable time and reduces productivity. However, this problem and many others can be easily solved by implementing sales automation software designed for the service industry.

Sales Recommendation Guide

Sales automation software provides your sales staff with an electronic recommendations guide to help them develop the perfect pitch for each new prospect. After answering a selection of questions, the software matches customers with the most appropriate services for their needs. In addition to the services, prices are displayed and scheduling, routing and payment options are provided.

Mobile Sales Assistant

This sales automation software is also accessible in the field through smartphones, tablet computers and laptops. Having these tools and guides available while on the road makes your travelling sales team more efficient by reducing the number of times each member has to return to the office.

Sales Training

Instead of forcing new personnel and experienced salespeople into a classroom for a week or longer, they can train on the job through prompts that walk them through each step of the pitch process. Converting leads is also made simple because the customer’s information is always on-hand, new appointments can be quickly scheduled and payments can be processed. This not only increases efficiency but also ensures that each salesperson is working uniformly according to company policy.

Website Integration

In addition to in-person sales, the service software can be integrated into your company website to facilitate online sales. The process is similar to the live version, but it has been specifically tailored for e-commerce and is a great way to gain new leads at any time of the day or night.

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