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Route Optimization for Service Professionals

Service industry companies are rarely limited to one fixed location. HVAC installers, appliance repairpersons, plumbers, lawn care professionals, pest control companies, cleaners and groundskeepers must be able to get to their clients quickly and efficiently. However, this is easier said than done, especially when multiple vehicles, full work schedules and last-minute changes are involved. Valuable time and fuel is wasted through inefficient routing, which cuts directly into your profit, so spending a little upfront capital on route optimization software can easily pay for itself within the first year of deployment.

Visual Route Manager

One of the key features of a good route optimization system is a visual route manager that helps you plan busy days according to job groups. A visual route manager allows you to plan efficiently with the help of Google Maps, which is continuously updated to reflect road changes and newly built subdivisions. In addition, the route manager is Web based, which means it can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer.

Project Management Software

Another important feature of route optimization software is project management. For large projects, you can customize and save routes for later use. Jobs can also be optimized or reassigned to other technicians whenever necessary. In addition, you can enable multiple-user access to the system, which allows managers and employees to suggest route changes and submit change requests for approval.

Service Order Scheduling Software

New service orders can come in at any moment, and changes may occur abruptly because of cancellations. With route optimization for your business, you can quickly determine the most efficient time and route for all service calls. Routes can be chosen based on each technician’s skill level and the requirements for the job. Jobs can also be redistributed to ensure that changes have a minimum impact on your other customers.

Route Management Software

One of the most useful features of our route optimization software is route management. The program must consider fuel consumption when routing jobs so that routes are as dense as possible. This will save your company both time and money on a daily basis.

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