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Mobile Business Software for the Service Industry

In any service-industry business, whether it's HVAC, lawn care, plubming, or pest control, technicians and sales personnel spend a great deal of time in the field. However, they often have to return to the office to perform administrative tasks between each stop. This wastes a lot of time, energy and money, which leads to a loss of productivity, opportunity and profit. However, these losses can be eliminated or greatly reduced by employing mobile software for scheduling, job tracking, service-order management and sales. This software runs on any Windows computer and is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices.

Mobile Scheduling Software

Mobile scheduling software allows technicians to view the details of service jobs through a number of useful mobile tools. Customer contact information can be accessed, new appointments can be scheduled and existing appointments can be edited in the field, vastly increasing your technicians’ efficiency.

Mobile Job Tracking

With mobile job tracking, technicians are able to view job details and history at any time and manage the inventory on their trucks as materials are used. Inventory management can be done manually or with barcodes, and warehouse inventory can be checked for planning future jobs.

Mobile Service-Order Management

Service-order management is an important aspect of service jobs, and with mobile service software, technicians can print service orders, accept customer signatures electronically and even process customer payments. All data is immediately synced to the system or emailed to supervisors, allowing them to stay updated on the day’s events.

Mobile Sales Software

Our mobile sales software is compatible with the iPhone and iPad, and it allows your sales team to manage leads while in the field. Sales representatives will have full access to all of their current customers and prospects, and all of their details can be viewed on a map to determine which areas are still open. In addition, your salespeople can use the system to analyze customer demographics, helping them to ascertain where to go and what type of pitch to use. Lastly, new service orders can be created when leads are converted.

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