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GPS Vehicle Tracking for Service Industry Businesses

In order to maintain a healthy bottom line, it's important to cut operating costs. One thing that service industry companies can do is reduce costs related to operating their fleet of vehicles. With so many technicians and vehicles out in the field, transportation costs can really add up. While it's true that some of these costs are unavoidable, there are ways to reduce them. The easiest way to do that is with RoutePoint GPS Vehcile Tracking, which offers GPS vehicle tracking for your HVAC, plubming, lawn care, or pest control businesses. As a part of the RoutePoint software lineup, RoutePoint GPS is easy to use. Find out how it can benefit your business below:

    • Reduce Fuel Costs - You can analyze technicians' routes and generate reports to determine where and how fuel costs can be slashed. Monitor drivers' speeds to ensure they are obeying posted speed limits. A lot more fuel is used when a person exceeds the speed limit by as little as five miles per hour. When idling, vehicles waste huge amounts of fuel.
    • Increase Productivity - A simple, streamlined way to ensure that technicians are going where they are needed. When a technician knows that a GPS unit is in use, he is less likely to make pit stops along the way. Through the convenient dashboard feature you can visually map where technicians and service orders are located. You can then route technicians where they need to be with a lot more efficiency
    • Improve Customer Satisfaction - The more quickly technicians can arrive on service calls, the happier customers are going to be. Your technicians will be able to complete more jobs per day, which is sure to improve your bottom line as well.

Run an Efficient Business with our GPS Tracking Solution

In addition to offering the robust features that are highlighted above, RoutePoint GPS is designed to interface with Garmin GPS units. It can also be used to create Wi-Fi hotspots, which your technicians can use to stay connected while on the road. Learn more about our GPS vehicle tracking software and schedule a free demo today. Don't miss out on features that can the boost productivity and efficiency of running your service industry business.

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